Product features
  • MDF is an abbreviation for Medium Density Fiber-board. It is a wood board product made by applying synthetic resin to fibers extracted from wood and pressing them
  • MDF has no anisotropy, a characteristic of wood, is low in price, and has excellent workability. Due to its excellent processability, it is used not only for general furniture but also for various building interior materials.

Product advantages
  • Possessing the best thin plate production technology in Korea

    High-density thin plate HDF production

  • Uniform thickness and excellent processability

    Production of products with an average thickness deviation of less than 0.1

    Uniform surface quality and excellent processability

  • Fully automated MDF production factory

    Fully automated facility where the entire process is managed by computer

  • Production of various standards in consideration of customer needs

    Besides standard 4X8 sizes, various non-standard product cutting facilities are available

  • World-recognized quality

    KS, ISO, JIS, FSC-COC certifications

  • Production of eco-friendly products

    Production of all items SE0 grade

  • Exporting to Japan and the Middle East

    HDF/MDF that meets global quality standards

Product specification
Product specification
Classification Thickness(T) Density Flexural Strength Diffuseness Grade Usage
UHS/MHS [HDF] 2.0/2.5/3.0 900 Over 40 ~ SE0 For furniture, interior, door,
electronic product case,
top plate, blackboard board
4.5 860
US/MS [MDF] 2.5/3.0/4.5 800
USI [Interior] 9/12/15/18 540 Over 15 building interior material,
interior decoration material
[Super Light]
6 ~ 30 580 Over 25 furniture material, molding material
USM/MSM [Light] 12/15/18 650 Over 30
USR/MSR [Standard] 15/18 720 Over 35 luxury furniture material, top plate