Right people for our company
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Creativity never fails.

    We build up great success through failures based on endless ideas and creativity.

  • Adventurous challenges make remarkable outcomes.

    We challenge the new without the fear of key journey.

  • Ownership enhances the values of all of us.

    With ownership, we never fall into mannerism and arise the pride.

  • Integrity is the basic concept of every values.

    Ethical integrity is the foundation of a 100-years trust.

  • Compassion enhances empathy ability.

    Warm compassion makes the culture last long and it becomes the beginning of social contribution.

Recruitment process
  • Document
  • First
  • Personal·
    Aptitude test
  • Executive
  • Medical
  • Joining

Precautions for each processes
  • Applicants who did not pass the [Document Screening] in the previous recruitment process can also apply again.
  • In the case of the [1st interview], a scanned copy of the applicant's final academic achievement graduation certificate / transcript must be submitted.
  • Successful applicants for each screening process will be notified individually, and unsuccessful applicants will not be notified separately.
  • If the information on the application is found to be false, the admission will be cancelled.

  • 4 major insurances

  • long-term employee rewards

  • medical check-ups

  • family events supporting

  • fitness center

  • canteen

  • holidays·foundation
    anniversaries·birthday gifts

  • dormitory

  • uniform

  • free attire

  • employee's club support

  • education expenses support