Ethical Management Declaration

SUN&L fulfills its social responsibility through ethical management

"As we, SUN&L, have contributed to the development of Korea's industry through ceaseless efforts and management innovation for the past half century, and have established a stable management foundation, we have achieved our status as a leader in domestic related industries."

The words “ethics” and “management”, which did not seem to go well together just 10 years ago, are now in an era where it is not at all awkward to use them together.
This means that over the past decade, the position and role of companies in society has continued to grow, and the responsibilities that society demands from companies have also increased.
In order for a company to grow and develop continuously, it is necessary to consider various factors as well as maximizing corporate profits. Among them, ethical awareness of a company is positioned as a core competitiveness of sustainable management. Under the belief that ethical management is necessary for sustainable growth, SUN&L will make ceaseless efforts to promote ethical awareness of employees and establish an ethical organizational culture.

  • fair

  • honesty

  • integrity
  • fair

  • Partners

    pursuing mutual development through fair trade
  • competitors

    fair competition
  • stockholders·

    fulfilling responsibilities and duties
Code of Ethics Management
In order to take a new leap forward as a company that is trusted by customers, happy employees, and contributing to society, SUN&L intends to enact and practice the following code of ethics.
  • Basic ethics of Employees

    SUN&L executives and employees must take dignity and pride as members, handle them fairly and faithfully in accordance with all laws and regulations, and maintain the dignity and honor of the company.

  • Responsibilities to Employees

    SUN&L respects the personality of its employees, gives equal opportunities to participate in work according to their qualifications and abilities, nurtures talents through competency development, and does its best to provide a pleasant working environment and improve the quality of life.

  • Responsibilities to Customers

    SUN&L and its employees always think and act from the customer's point of view, respect customer opinions and suggestions, provide services that meet customer needs and expectations, and promptly handle customer complaints.

  • Responsibilities to Suppliers

    SUN&L and its executives and employees shall guarantee equal opportunities to participate in transactions for all partner companies, handle business in accordance with fair examination and evaluation standards, and avoid unfair and unethical behavior using their superior position.

  • Responsibilities to Stockholders and Investors

    SUN&L and its executives and employees shall transparently conduct business in accordance with all laws and standards, and strive to provide stable profits to stockholders and investors through rational investment and sound management.

  • Responsibility to the State and Society

    SUN&L and its executives and employees do their best to create a company that everyone trusts and contributes to society through the establishment of correct moral values and the practice of the Code of Ethics.