Subject to report
  • Unfair and unreasonable business practices related to transactions
  • Illegal acts such as requests for money, valuables, entertainment, and convenience by employees
  • Acts that damage the external trust and image of the company by employees
  • Behaviors defamation and sexual harassment among employees
  • Other ethical standards and behaviors that violate the guidelines of conduct for employees
  • System improvement and recommendations for the establishment of ethical management
  • Best practices for ethical management and employees
Report reception and handling
Where to report
Where to report
  • Use the website Cyber Report Center
  • Telephone report(basically): 032-770-3000
  • Correspondence report: Sent to the CEO
Receipt and handling
Receipt and handling
  • Regarding the reported report, the audit department initiates an investigation
  • If the fact-finding result violates the Code of Ethics, the report is processed
  • Processed according to the policy and sent to the whistleblower: by phone or e-mail

Whistleblower protection
  • The report on the violation of the Code of Ethics and the person making the opinion must be kept secret, and they must be protected from any disadvantage.
  • The informant or mentioner who has been disadvantaged such as exposure of identity or discrimination may apply for protective measures or relief to the audit department, and the audit team will take appropriate measures necessary for the informant and mentioner.
  • If the identity of the informant or mentioner is exposed, the audit department investigates the identity exposure route, and executives and employees who intentionally or negligently disclose the identity of the informant will be subject to disciplinary action.