About Us
Improving customer's lifestyle
with eco-friendly management

CEO Seo Sung-Kyo

As wood industry is the most important strategic business in the world, it manages not only important things such as reconstruction, utilizing, protection for the forest resources, but also this industry is related to improve the quality of the people in various aspects. Furthermore, it has been contributing widely to ease and delay “Global warming” by carbon reduction which is rapidly and widely emerging as the most important management agenda in many companies and nations recently.

As our company has prepared a manufacturing process from forestry plantation to wood-base construction materials, furniture and interior products beyond besides biomass power plant utilizing wood by-products and participation for overall Value-chain of wood industry, we are able to deliver sustainable eco-friendly management which all employees are proud of.

We also set up the new vision for improving customer's lifestyle to the higher level beyond wood products. By merging Darin, the No. 1 company in the domestic household goods packaging market, the existing Wood business has been named by“Living Space business group” and the container/pump business into “Living Beauty business group”.

From now onward, as the Living Space BG will move away from the existing primary processing manufacturing industry for wood, expands the service to eco-friendly interior business that meets customer's various needs. And, the Living Beauty BG intends to strengthen R&D and facility investment in order to enter the cosmetics/medical supplies market by recognition from the global market.

We, SUN&L, will provide the best products and services in the domestic and global market, and being a good company which grows together with customers and partners.

Thank you.

CEO Seo Sung-Kyo